Attractive woman with a healthy lifestyle seeks a stable man with a desire to have kids
Vrouw, 40 jaar, Amsterdam

She is:
Meet this stunning, slim, and attractive woman, with brown eyes and long brown hair. She stands at 1.60 meters tall and has a keen interest in fashion, always looking impeccably styled. She was born in San Francisco. Growing up in a place with many famous hippies, she was exposed to a very free, creative environment that allowed her to develop her artistic side. She achieved two Bachelor degrees in media and communications with a minor in journalism, and after completing her studies, she moved to Los Angeles, where she organized entire productions for various media houses. During her time in college, she studied in Italy, Cannes, and London, which fueled her love for travel, different cultures, architecture, food, and music. In 2021, she visited the Netherlands for a vacation, and the country felt like the right place to be, so she decided to move here permanently. She currently lives in Amsterdam, where she has met many amazing women who share her curiosity about the world and love to go out and meet new people. Her best friends live all over the world. She can be described as outgoing, sporty, health-conscious, and always eager to learn more. She enjoys reading, going out for dinner, has a small dog she walks with, and loves starting her day with a cup of matcha green tea in a cozy café in the city.

She is looking for:
This youthful-looking woman has fallen in love with the Netherlands and wants to build a meaningful relationship with a man who is emotionally available and stable. A good sense of humor and chivalry are essential traits she seeks in a partner. He should be successful in his career like her, have family values, and possess a kind heart. While a good-looking appearance is a plus, she values inner beauty more. She is attracted to confident men who are not intimidated by a successful woman but rather uplift each other and celebrate their achievements. She is looking for a man who also wants to build a family together. In summary, she is a worldly, outgoing, funny, caring, open-minded, and curious woman who enjoys life's pleasures and wants to share them with someone special.

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