Intelligent tall man seeks a woman with common interests – on hold
Male, 30 jaar, Amsterdam

He is:

Meet our bachelor, he has short dark hair, a great smile, and green eyes, he stands at 1.90m and was born in Germany. At the age of 13, he lived in England for two years and attended a public school where he only spoke English. Later, he studied software engineering near Berlin, Germany and completed an internship in Silicon Valley, USA for a year. He enjoyed the climate, national parks, surfed, and went for road trips with friends. Back in Germany, he completed his master’s degree and did an Erasmus program in Sweden. He has lived in several places and wants to see more of the world. He currently lives in Amsterdam since 3.5 years and works as a software engineer in the finance industry. He bikes to work. He describes himself as a more quite, open-minded, empathetic, liberal, honest and reliable person. His long-term friendships are very precious to him. He believes in learning from one another and that communication is key. He is a planner, mature, spontaneous when time allows and he enjoys humor but is not necessarily the funny one in the group. He took salsa lessons and loves live stand-up comedy, traveling, hiking, city trips, and cooking, but prefers to do it with someone else. In the summer, he occasionally rents a motorbike to ride along Holland’s coasts. He enjoys running, hot yoga, museums or a picnic with friends in the park. His perfect vacation would involve hiking in the mountains with beautiful views, a warm climate, and a comfortable hotel. He has even hiked Kilimanjaro with colleagues.

He is looking for:

He is looking for a partner with shared interests, reliability, a natural look, initiative, open-mindedness, and a wish to have children in the long term. He speaks German, English, some Spanish, forgot most of his French, and is learning Dutch. He plans to stay in the Netherlands for love and hopes to work less in the future to have more time for family or retire early. He looks forward to traveling together and sharing common experiences.

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